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From Field to Fluff

'From Field to Fluff' provides a practical examination of the journey taken by the

wool from the animal in the field to the end product on our shelves, and highlights

the link between the primary producer and the end user.  Key elements are:

  • A sheep is just a sheep

  • A world of fleecey critters

  • From field to fluff

With a range of practical activities, the students can really get hands-on, promoting interest and improving learning. Activities would depend on the age of the students, but include:

  • Hands on with Fibre

  • From Field to Fluff

  • Working with Fluff


'From Field to Fluff' links with many areas of the National Curriculum throughout all stages, including Science and Art and Design. 

Art and Textiles in the Curriculum

Wool and fleece provide interesting and different media for the students to

investigate, and can either be incorporated as an alternative medium into an

existing project, or used to create a unique piece of fibre art.  Students can work

right from first principals and process their own fleece using a variety of cleaning

and dying techniques, or can use existing pre-processed fluff to generate stunning

pieces of art.

Extra-Curricula Crafting Sessions

With an increasing emphasis on extra-curricula activities, there is increasing pressure on the educators to come up with different and fun activities for their pupils.  Although SJ's Fluff 'n' Stuff is mainly about the 'fluff', there is lots of other 'stuff' that we can bring to lunchtime or after school extra-curricular crafting clubs.  As we plan the sessions and provide all of the specialist equipment for the activity, it removes some of the pressure form the educators and allows them to focus on the important role of educating the children.  Depending on age, activities might include:

- Card making - specialist cards such as shakers, sliders and pop-up cards

- Fibre art - wet or needlefelting to create original pieces of work

- Making sun catchers/dream catchers

- Making fantasy night lights

- Fun with string

We can tailor the session to match the age and ability of the group, through discussion with the educator.   Contact us here for more information.

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