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Fibre Art

There is something quite magical about taking a piece of fleece and turning it into a piece of art.  Your creativity is bounded only by your own imagination - and if that runs dry there are many places where you can gather inspiration online.

At SJ's Fluff 'n' Stuff we have a passion for fluff of all types - most of my crafting space is taken up with boxes and boxes of alpaca and sheep wool, and the occasional bit of dog fluff as well!  I love creating 3D fibre art based on nature and some of my favourite pieces have been of life size plus exotic frogs.  One of my first large piece was of this tree frog clinging to two strands of foliage - this now takes pride of place in my mum's house.

Poison Dart Frog

Most of my work is done by needlefelting - the act of plunging a barbed needle through the fluff felts the wool together - but I also work with wet felting.  Wet felting involves  wetting your work and agitating the fibres to get them to felt together, and you can create some truly wonderful 3D and 2D pieces using this technique.  If you would like to learn some more about needlefelting, subscribe on the Home Page to download my booklet: An Introduction to Needlefelting.

More recently I have been learning the nuances of needle felting 2D portraits. The effects that can be achieved using wool on felt can be truly stunning.  You can see more example of my felted portraits in the gallery and in my Instagram and Pinterest feed.


As well as my own designs, I also take on commissions from time to time - please feel free to contact me here for details.  I have fully illustrated needle felting kits available through my The British Craft House shop, and run group fibre-art classes locally in Surrey.

100% recommend doing one of SJ's workshops

MH, Horley

 Had a wonderful time yesterday at SJ's Fluff 'n' Stuff workshop at Bluebell Studio. Sarah was amazing and each creation was completely unique. Thank you Sarah and can't wait for the next workshop !

CR, Horley

I absolutely love it!!! You have captured his soul so completely. Can’t thank you enough. Xx


(Pet Portrait)

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