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Crafting Enrichment

At SJ's Fluff 'n' Stuff we are bringing crafting to the places where enrichment is needed:

- reducing stress in the workplace by redirecting the employees' minds to the creative for an hour at lunchtime

- using crafting as a team-building exercise

- engaging the imagination and dexterity of guests in care homes and assisted living centres to reduce boredom and increase quality of life

We will bring all of the equipment required for the project as well as the support and motivation needed to inspire the participants.

Experts believe that crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain.  It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging.

If you are interested in learning needlefelting, we can hold classes for 6-8 attendees in your own home.  All attendees will create their own piece of fibre art, and will end the class with the equipment which they need to continue on their needlefelting journey.  In addition, the host will receive a free 'thank-you' gift in the form of a gift pack of fluff 'n' stuff.

Contact us here for more details of classes or enrichment sessions.

"thx 4 a super night, fab tuition ... and the joy of discovering a new craft!"


"My first attempt at Needlefelting! Must say I'm rather chuffed! SJ is a very patient tutor and very infectious about her craft! 
Thanks SJ for a great class x"


"Such a brilliant evening. Thanks SJ xx"


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