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Christmas Bonus

Although Christmas now seems like a distant memory, I thought that I would share with you some of the best selling quick makes from the Christmas Fairs I did in 2015. All of these makes are based on a basic white sphere of core wool, it is how you adapt the sphere which makes the difference.

The Snowman

A perennial Christmas favourite. Take your sphere and add coal lumps (black merino spots) for the mouth and eyes and a carrot (orange merino cone) for the nose. For a bit of variety, use black beads for the eyes instead of wool spots to add a bit of a glint to his gaze. Add a small top hat for some character, and there you are.


Take your sphere and add a small hemi-sphere of core to make the head. Make a small tab of brown merino and attach it for the tail. Cover the top of the head and body and then down the body and up to the tail in a broad curve with brown merino. Add some grey colouring to edge the brown and add the red breast, leaving the underside of the robin in white. Add 2 beads for the eyes and you are done.


Using black merino, cover the back half of your sphere, bringing the black over the top of the sphere and coming to a point. Add an orange beak in the form on an inverted triangle, and then 2 beads for the eyes.

For me, these quick makes worked best as baubles, but if you prefer, given them a flat bottom and let them be stand-alone.


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